Resident Education Equipment

Equipment Placement Request

All requests for equipment placement must be submitted in writing by the requesting organization via the submission portal.

Applications are currently being accepted for Laureate.

A request does not guarantee the approval and/or placement of equipment
Please note the following general guidelines for equipment placement:

- Equipment is for non-clinical, non-human use

- Requesting organization must be tax exempt or government affiliated

- Individual physicians and/or private practice groups are not eligible

-An academic organization should not have received the same type of equipment within the last 24 months

- Approval of equipment placement will be communicated only when an actual piece of equipment is ready for delivery

- Availability of equipment is limited and placement will be priority based on assessment of educational need

- Commercial associates do not make determination of educational need or placement of equipment
The submission must include the following information:

- Organization’s name, address, phone number that coordinates with the tax identification number

- Program Director at requesting organization with phone number and email address for follow up
Next steps:

- Request is reviewed by the IME Grant Office

- Notification will be provided within 5 business days determining whether request will be accepted for consideration

- Status of requests will be provided to applicants in January, April, July, and October

- Accepted requests will remain active unless notified otherwise by requesting party

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