Goals and Initiatives

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Educational Goals
The IME Grant Office will consider proposals that aim to address educational goals in the following categories:

- Cataract Surgery (Fundamentals/Basics, IOLs, Diagnostics, Visualization, and FLACS)

- Keratorefractive Surgery (Treatment Options, Technology)

- Vitreoretinal Surgery (Technology, Techniques, DAVS)

- Glaucoma (Technology, Treatment)

- Contact Lens & Lens Care (Contact Lens Platforms, Lens Care Solutions)

- Ocular Allergy (OTC Treatment Options for Seasonal and Perennial Allergic Conjunctivitis)

- Ocular Surface Health (Diagnosis and Management, Impact on Quality of Life, Treatment with Artificial Tears, MGD Treatment with In-Office Procedures)

Educational Initiatives
IME Grant Office will consider grant proposals that support certified and non-certified medical education for eye care professionals. Priority will be given to educational initiatives that are:

- Aligned with the current medical education goals of the IME Grant Office

- Certified by an accredited medical education provider

- Multi-supported (supported by multiple organizations)

- Robust agenda with a hands-on educational learning opportunity (wet/dry lab)

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